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All African National Healers Association members, are issued with a certificate and a membership card that they are subject to have available at all times. The certificate should be clearly visible in the practice and the Membership Card should be available on request, whether that be to identify oneself to officials or patients. An example of the Certificate and the Membership Card can be found on the next link. ( Note that all certificate would have the healer's on photograph both documents.

Currently the African National Healers Association has close to 2000 members with a small handful of those being active members. Here follows the names and practice numbers of the active members.

Older members are advised to contact the African National Healers Association. Only after paying the prescribed membership fees and careful scrutiny of the traditional medical practitioner's current state of affairs such as; place and area of practise ,sick notes and qualifications, will they be added to this list andmade available here.

Above are members who have no membership fees outstanding and who are entitled to issue medical certificates.


Members are responsible for their own annual renewal fees. Renewal fees for 2023 are R500, not including postage fees. Members who fail to pay their annual membership fees will forfeit their membership and be removed from the ANHA register. The removal will occur 14 days after the annual date of renewal.


Members who have been removed from the register and wish to re-apply should phone Mr. Mahlaba at 076 333 3452.

Above are members who made themselves guilty of one of the following: violating the code of ethics, bridging the statutory rules and regulations, bringing the name of the association into disrepute or selling unauthorized medical certificates (also known as sick notes) and therefore:

1. Not allowed to display our certificate.

2. Not allowed to issue medical certificates / sick notes under the name of our association.

3. She/ he cannot claim that they are members of the association.

Members with outstanding fees did not pay their annual renewal or are deregistered and therefore:


  1. Are not allowed to display their Certificates.

  2. Are not allowed to issue medical certificates / sick notes under the name of the African National Healers Association.

  3. Claim that they are members of the Association.

Members with outstanding renewal fees can apply for a late renewal (with prescribe penalties) by contacting T/Dr. S. Mahlaba at

Dormant members registered with the African National Healers Association before the renewal fee was mandatory.

These members can apply for full membership by contacting T/Dr. S. Mahlaba at

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