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All members, dully registered with the African N
ational Healers Association, has to subscribe to the code of ethics or standards set out by the said association below:

1. Shall be religiously dedicated to the practice of my profession above all else and shall meet the profession’s demands.

2. Shall act in the interest of all patients in all respects, irrespective of class, race, colour or creed.

3. Shall treat all patients with utmost respect and shall observe their basic human dignity and worth.

4. In practise, I shall do nothing else, but promote health by way of uplifting the physical, mental, social- and spiritual well-being of mankind.

5. Shall refrain from attempting to cure ailments for which I have not been properly trained to cure.

6. Shall acknowledge my limitations in my practise and shall refer patients to whomever may have demonstrated the know-how or is qualified to cure the ailments which a I am not able to cure.

7. Shall give advice to patients

8. Shall allow a patient or any person acting lawfully on his behalf to choose whoever he/she may consider

professionally capable to his/her wishes, to consult such person for his opinion or treatment.

9. Shall play a reconciliatory role in families or communities which are being served.

10. Shall play the educative role in families or communities which shall be served.

11. Shall embark on continued learning or training in order to improve my standard of qualification as a traditional practitioner so as to improve my efficiency of consultation, diagnosing and treatment.

12. Shall keep my place of practise in a clean, orderly and sanitary condition.

13. Shall refrain from all form of evil, particularly witchcraft.

14. Shall not allow any person to induce me to indulge in practises which may lead to working or hurting any person; or practices which may be detrimental to any institutuion, organisation or the society at large and the image of one’s profession

15. Shall not misrepresent patients, the entire society, the profession and
the African National Healers Association.

16. Shall observe the principle of confidentiality, and shall divulge information which has been brought to the 

attention as a result of the practise on the explicit permission given by the patient, if he/she is a major, the parent of guardian of a minor patient, the surviving spouse or minor of the deceased patient, when instructed by the court of law or where legally compelled to do so or in the explicit interest of the patient who is not able or is unfit to grant permission himself/herself

17. Shall not express oneself in public regarding matter of traditional healing without permission granted to me by the African National Healers Association

18. Shall not advertise in a manner that conveys that one is able treat ailments that one is not c to capable to treat

19. Shall not permit one’s name to be used in a professional capacity in connection with advertisements of medicinal products or instruments, and in connection with advertisements or appeals to the public on behalf of a sick benefit society or any commercial organisation.

20. May not tout or canvas, either personally or through an agent or in any manner, for a patient or for  oneself or for another practitioner.

21. Shall not accept or insist on any commission or remuneration, pecuniary or otherwise, from manufacturers or dealers in medicinal products, remedies or any equipment, apparatus, instrument appliance or material used in the course of one’s practise or prescribed for patients.

22. Shall not pay or give any commission or remuneration, pecuniary or otherwise, from any person for the recommendation of patients.

23. Shall not share any fees charged for a service with any other person other than a partner, unless such sharing is commensurate with the scope of such other person’s participation in the rendering of such service.

24. Shall not have financial interest, whether by way of a fixed salary or otherwise, in sick benefit clubs, institutions or associations which canvas members by way of advertisements.

25. Shall not use any form of treatment, apparatus or process which is secret or is claimed to be secret in my practice.
26. Shall not use any diagnostic and treatment methods which do not comply with the accepted standards of my profession as determined by the ANHA from time to time.

27. Shall not perform any act which is an unacceptable act, standard or method, as from time to time may be determined by African National Healers Association and which is brought to the attention of the practitioners.

28. Shall enter into a partnership or maintain a partnership with a person who is:
a. Registered as a practitioner with the African National Healers Association.
b. Registered as a medical practitioner in terms of the Medical, Dental and Supplementary Health Service Professions Act, 1974; or
c. Registered in terms of the Medical, Dental and Supplementary Health Service Professions Act, in respect of a supplementary health service profession which is approved by the  African National Healers Association as an acceptable profession for the purpose of a service contract;
d. Not practising in term of the Medicine Control Act;
e. Not practising in term of the Pharmacy Act, 1974; or
f. Not practising in term of the Nursing Act, 1978

29. Shall recognise the Medical and Dental Councils, Department of the National Health and Population Development, the World Health Organisation, Department of Law and Order and other professional bodies.

30. One’s professional stationary shall bear the following information:

a. Initials, Surname and/or that of my partner(s);
b. One’s registered profession and abbreviations in respect of the Association;
c. One’s practice address and telephone numbers;
d. One’s consulting hours, where applicable;
e. Other professional associations to which one is affiliated; and
f. One’s practice number

31. In one’s consulting room, one shall display:
a. Those professional certificates, diplomas and degrees relevant to the profession for which one is registered;
b. Membership certificates of professional associations to which on is affiliated to; and
c. The registration certificate issued to oneself by the African National Healers Association

32. One shall promote the image of one’s profession and shall lead an exemplary life.

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