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The African National Healers Association(ANHA) is an independent body spearheaded by a group of traditional practitioners.​


In short​, the African National Healers Association  was founded in 1989. The African National Healers Association is registered as a non-profit organisation in South Africa under Section 21 Act 61/73 and Reg. Number [89/0529/08].

The then board of Directors consisted of the following memebers; S.Mahlaba (MD) A.C (Tsiane), J.M Raketse, S.C Seroka, Z.N Ndebele, H.M Tshabane, A.E Nche, J.M Ranku.

Today the body is under new Direction which still upholds the innovate- and leadership culture that the previous board upheld. They consist of the following members:
  • S.J Mahlaba (MD)
  • K.E Mahlaba
  • C.P Mavuso
  • J. Mphelo (The Philosopher)
  • E. Rashad

The African National Healers Association has over 2000 members, including a number of allopathic doctors with interest in traditional healing methods.

The African National Healers Association has served as consultant for numerous Academic Institutions  as well as private companies  In numerous research-, Educational-and Traditional medicine development projects, including the hosting of the Eight Fact-Finding Workshop on behalf of the Producers of the S.A Traditional Healers handbook, Published in 1997.


• The setting -and maintaining of mandatory standards of traditional healing in South Africa through Cultural Heritage.

• Establishing a working relationship with private organisations and companies with the like-minded objective of promoting  
 traditional medicine and traditional healing in South Africa.

• To develop and manage knowledge-and management systems in South Africa.
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