This course is underwritten by The African National Healers Association

You access this course online. There is no set time limit to complete the course. If you devote a few hours every week to your studies, you should be able to complete it in one year.


The goal of this course is to gain basic knowledge about herbs.

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No previous qualifications necessary

Course fee: R 7000.00 Now R 6950.00 for a limited period of time

Contents of the certificate course in medicinal herbs (Maximum 1 year)
Module 1
  • Where herbs began

  • Short history of the documentation of herbs

  • History of South African herbs

  • What are herbs?

  • Work assignment 1

Module 2
  • Doctrine of signatures

  • Botanical classification

  • Plant anatomy and identification

  • Growing herbs

  • Work assignment 2

Module 3
  • Functions of herbs

  • Active constituents

  • Actions of herbs

  • Medicinal herbs – plant parts used

  • Work assignment 3

Module 4
  • Preparations of medicinal herbs

  • Route of administration

  • Harvesting and drying herbs

  • Using herbs safely

  • Work assignment 4

Module 5
  •  Indigenous medicinal herbs

Portfolio - Herb file

At the completion of the certificate 1 course, the student will have a herb file with 50 researched herbs as a reference guide for future use.